Why did Steinzeug-Keramo reach out to OBB?

Steinzeug Keramo, active in Belgium, Germany & the Netherlands, was well underway with their change management process when they contacted Outward Bound Belgium.

They had closed a production facility and created new branches. Many teams and collaborators were involved; among which: Sales, Management, Marketing and HR.

Through their annual international meeting they wanted to get 80 people fully onboard with the new mission and vision.
Their yearly gathering allows for the managers to connect between countries and attune with the future strategy and products, steps, and listen to valuable news from the general management.

How did Outward Bound facilitate this process?

With Steinzeug Keramo, we held virtual meetings as well as encounters at their headquarters to grasp the current atmosphere at Steinzeug and see how Outward Bound Belgium could blend in as learning partner and propose something tailor made for their upcoming international assembly.

Together, we finetuned the focus and objectives of the annual meeting:

  1. How to be Solution Driven (instead of Product Driven)?
  2. Optimize internal communication
  3. Linked to change management: what has been done so far? Awareness about how people are (after the transition)
  4. How to be more entrepreneurial?

What did we do?

First of all we made strong connections with some key players for the international meeting and in the following process Amelie became our Point of Contact.

Outward Bound went to the facility upfront to seize up the possibilities at the venue and get the necessary permissions.

We also shared how important it was to meet the people with whom the trainers were going to work during the event to be able to propose challenges that were aligned with the participants physical fitness and conditions. This introduction moment would also allow everybody to find the right mindset for the outdoor activities at this yearly gathering.

Due to its international character, our facilitators were a diverse group fluent in Dutch, French, German, English, as well as Spanish and Italian.

During the international meeting, we intervened 2 out of the 3 days.

  • The evening before the outdoor day, when we set the context and each trainer got to know the participants of his / her subgroup.
    The following day we proposed outdoor activities:
  • Action-reflection in subgroups in the morning
    which was a variety of challenging team-oriented, problem-solving and trust-building activities.
  • And a bamboo team challenge in the afternoon, were all subgroups will need to work together towards a common goal

Regarding the activities, some of the pictures may speak for themselves.

Regarding reflection: obviously the Outward Bound facilitator helped the participants to look at the impact of solution driven work compared to product driven approaches. They practiced in getting their internal communication more smoothly and with trial-and-error, people were challenged to show their entrepreneurial side. This became also apparent in the way subgroups developed and broadened their scope in possibilities and insights to deal with new confrontations they encountered throughout the day.

After this large scale intervention, Outward Bound links back to his client to see were they are standing now and how our facilitation as learning partner helped their organization.

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