De grootste werkgever van België wordt voortdurend uitgedaagd door de wijzigende behoeften van de klant. Als postdienst anno 2020 staan ze voor enorme uitdagingen op vlak van innovatie maar ook op vlak van leiderschap om deze veranderingen mogelijk te maken.

In een context die sommigen de “war on talent” noemen, heeft Bpost een stevig programma voorgesteld om jonge talenten aan te trekken.

Hun corporate trainees roteren 3x van functie in een 2 jaar durend programma om zich te oriënteren binnen het bedrijf naar een vaste functie.

Outward Bound zat met het Learning & Development team (HR) rond de tafel en zorgde voor:

  • een klankbord als leerpartner om het programma te verbeteren
  • coaching en eigenaarschap bij de deelnemers
  • een outdoor opleiding rond leiderschap en eigen leerdoelen
  • supervisie rond hun leiderschap in het dagelijks werk
  • integratie van het ganse traject

Hongphuc Vo, Expert Terminal Dues:

As a bpost trainee, we had the chance to have a personalized training on leadership with Outwardbound.
From the moment of the onboarding until the end of our journey, everything was well designed and thought.
Kobe explored with us the idea of what leadership was through practical activities and challenges. Moreover, every activity is followed with a reflective moment where feedbacks and meaningful insights are given and then can be applied to the next ones.
In the end, we really experienced the concept of leadership through our actions, impact on the team and what was our style of leadership.
We were delighted and would recommend Outwardbound to any person or company who wants them to grow

Valentin Herinckx, Alternating Distribution Model Project - Senior Project Leader - Bpost Mail Service Operations:

“I’ve really enjoyed this Leadership training provided by Outward Bound, as it was completely different from the trainings I had received in the past. The trajectory is very well crafted and offers a perfect blend of reflection and action, and I was amazed by the fact that every single activity taught me something meaningful about myself ! I came out of this experience with a much clearer image of which type of leader I want to be, which is why I strongly recommend trying it out !”

Rowin Lauwereys, Project Leader Forecasting & Planning - Parcels & Logistics:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Outward Bound experience! The refreshing contrast of challenging activities outside and reflective group discussions made me rethink personal assumptions about leadership and group dynamics, while at the same time providing food for thought for the future."

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