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Outward Bound helps managers grow

As an executive, you are spinning more than ten plates in the air at the same time, whereby it is not always self-evident to include all employees in your story. Do you want to manage in an authentic and inspiring way? Motivate and get workers moving because they “want to” not because they “have to?” Are you making room for resistance, feedback and emotions on the work floor? 

>> Outward Bound is a sparring partner who joins forces with you to (re)discover which leadership style fits with your personality and makes a valuable connection with your corporate culture.


Outward Bound helps executives get in touch with their emotional side

A successful leader stays true to himself and connects from within with employees and the organization. Outward Bound helps you gain greater insight into your qualities, pitfalls, potential and personal ambitions. We do not force our vision on you nor “sell” ready-made solutions, but make room for experience-based learning, self-reflection, insight and self-development.

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Outward Bound devises a programme in which we:

  • Discover and hone personal leadership styles

  • Develop growth paths for executives & managers

  • Share and learn from experiences with fellow managers

  • Hone communication skills (conflict management, difficult talks)

  • Lay foundations for sustainable corporate results

  • Manage, motivate and activate teams and employees

  • Detect verbal and non-verbal signals and give feedback

>> Outward Bound does not come along with a brochure, but rolls out a process to measure for executives and the objectives of the organization. Accordingly, we first come to listen so that we can ask our major “W” questions: what do your executives need, where and when.

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In practical terms:

Outward Bound organizes extramural intensive management training courses given over a number of days pegged to an individual monitoring process. These are not lectures but a balanced mix of underpinned theoretical models, clear insights, constructive feedback and practical applications that you can transpose directly to the work floor.

For whom? Executives, middle & senior management from all sectors.

Where? Outdoors, at one of our professionally equipped locations.

How long? One day, one week, one year… different formulas are possible.

Cost? We will be glad to provide a quotation for your organization without any obligation.

For seniors

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