Chateau Varoy

Our Chateau Varoy is located in a vast domain of 25 ha, in the middle of nature.

It is the center part of most of our courses. When you enter after the day’s adventure, this is the place where you can take time to reflect, relax and rest. Its timeless and yet comfortable character is sure to take your breath time and again. 

That is why we are happy to make this magnificent place available for private rental so we can share it as much as possible. Follow the link to Ardennes Etapes to find all the details and to book your stay.

In case you are wondering how an “old” castle is able to cater to all our modern needs, we’d like to tell you it has been fully renovated in 2020, respecting the original condition. Now the Chateau can accommodate 2 groups of 12 people. There are two kitchens, two dining rooms, two meeting rooms and on the upper floors 10 twin bedrooms and 2 multi-person bedrooms. Each room has high quality beds, and a bathroom ensuite. Bed linen and towels can be provided upon request. 

Chateau Varoy

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