Help teams grow

Outward Bound gets teams moving

Cooperating, communicating, optimizing, innovating, inspiring… Outward Bound guides and supports growth and change processes for teams and organizations to boost performance, increase resilience and make that shift to a future-proof company.


>> Support project management, communication strategies or change processes? We see to a fresh, out-of-the-box approach to issues your teams are struggling with. 

Outward Bound aligns teams

During interactive sessions marked by group activities, moments of reflection, and energy and fun in turn, we get your teams to cooperate and come up with creative solutions. We focus fully (100%) on “feeling” and “experiencing” and seek common goals and a connection between people and ideas. Outward Bound is far more than just team building!


Outward Bound devises a programme in which we:

  • Enhance the performance, potential and motivation of teams

  • Open and hone lines of communication

  • Deal with conflicts and resistance constructively

  • Support change management: merger, reorganization, growth…

  • Focus on motivated employees for the long term

  • Deal with (cultural and generational) differences

  • Optimize decision-making processes and problem-solving capacities


>> We sit down with you and look into how we can bring your teams to a higher level. We always chart an interactive programme to measure for your company.


In practical terms:

What is the added value of our experienced Outward Bound coaches? We work with a no-nonsense attitude, here and now, whilst drawing attention to established routines, tried and tested solutions and new challenges. We not only provide a theoretical framework, but invest strongly in the reflection and self-management capacities of teams.

For whom? Management teams, newly established teams, project teams, shutdown teams…

Where? Outdoors, at one of our professionally equipped locations.

How long? 1-day to 5-day course, always with follow-up.

One day, one week, one year... everything is possible.

Cost? We will be glad to provide a quotation for your organization without any obligation.

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