EEE Conference

Outward Bound Belgium is hosting this years'

Experiential Educators Europe ‘EEE’ conference :

a free, unofficial, democratic people organization, which common interest is experiential learning. Members meet, at least, once a year, during the annual conference, somewhere in Europe to share their knowledge, exchange their experience and reinforce their relation with other colleagues.

a unique approach:

Participants are invited to present themselves a workshop about some practices, methodologies, experiences they have encountered and which they are happy to share. A very innovative and dynamic way of designing the program together. No external key notes are paid for.

Who is invited?

If you are active in the field of education, we are very happy to welcome you!

Practical details?

The website is online, all information should be found on


The conference takes place from May 1st in the evening, until the 5th  in the morning.


We meet in Heibrand, in the vicinity of the city of Antwerp, an hour from Brussels Airport. Easy access by train. Shuttles are foreseen for the last dozen kilometers.


If you have already some ideas on the workshop you like to give, share it with the community to make your colleagues begging for more. (via

Want more?

A pre conference is held from April 29th (10 a.m.) until May 1st (noon) in the Belgian Ardennes. Prepare for a a typical 3-day-Outward Bound program in the Belgian Ardennes: Step with the group of pre-EEE-partcipants into nature activities and reflections and be surprised what you’ll experience between footsteps, climbing, caving, campfire, ropecourse…


Contact Kobe, Dirk, Saskia, Sofie, Jan, Philippe, Elsy, Stephanie
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EEE Conference

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