1 June 2020

Wilderness First Aid - dates online now!

Wilderness Advanced First Aid: 7 - 10 December 2020

The WAFA is a comprehensive medical training course designed for outdoor recreationalists or wilderness trip leaders who venture into moderately remote and challenging environments. The content is significantly more detailed than the Wilderness First Aid course, including emphasis on common critical body system problems and environmental topics.

Wilderness Advanced First Aid to Wilderness First Responder Bridge: 12-15 December 2020

The WAFA to WFR Bridge course upgrades the WAFA to a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) in 4 days. This course must be taken within 3 years of receiving the WMA International WAFA certification or an equivalent from another provider. The Wilderness First Responder program is the ideal medical training for leaders in remote areas including outdoor educators, guides, military, professional search and rescue teams, researchers, and those involved in disaster relief. The curriculum is comprehensive and practical. It includes the essential principles and skills required to assess and manage medical problems in isolated and extreme environments for days and weeks if necessary.

Open recertification: 2 - 4 December 2020

The three-day Open Recert course may be used as a WAFA or WFR recertification option for those with a current WMA International or other qualifying WAFA/WFR. This course must be taken within three years of receiving the Wilderness Medical Associates' WAFA or WFR certificate.

Wilderness First Aid - dates online now!

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