Outward Bound helps young people grow

Who am I? What do I want? What can I do? These are three short but difficult questions many young people struggle with. Making the right educational choices, enhancing self-insight, working on self-confidence and becoming aware of one’s own talents, competencies and strengths are the key drivers to making a successful start. 

>> Outward Bound wants to be a sparring partner for young people in this inspiring awareness and discovery process. We provide insight into qualities, pitfalls and challenges. 

Outward Bound helps young people get in touch with their emotional side

We embark together on an interactive course filled with experience-based exercises used to explore the core of each personality. Young people are stimulated to think creatively about themselves and their place in this great world of ours. We advise and guide them according to the motto “There is more to you than you think” to find their focus and discover their intrinsic motivation, capacities and possibilities.  

Outward Bound devises a programme in which we:

  • Boost the self-insight of young people  

  • Explore identity and gauge their boundaries

  • Stimulate assertiveness, audacity and self-confidence

  • Become aware of skills, competencies and aptitudes

  • Provide support in educational and career choices

  • Discover wishes, dreams and desires

  • Cast a glance to the past, the here-and-now, and the future

  • Bolster inner strengths and overcome trials

>> We help young people make choices that are in line with their authentic self so that they can thread their life path with self-confidence. 

In practical terms:

We deliberately opt not for lengthy talks in insipid conference rooms, but get young people moving outdoors literally and figuratively. Furthermore, our experienced coaches always start with the world in which young people live and their frame of reference. With a positive critical mindset, the participants learn and draw strengths from each other to become more resilient.


For whom? Young people as of the age of 15, students, young adults.

Where? Outdoors, at one of our professionally equipped locations.

How long? One day, one week, one year… inquire about our different formulas!

Cost? We will be glad to provide a quotation without any obligation.

Set yourself on the way.



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