Outward Bound supports patients in their disease process

A confrontational diagnosis or invasive treatment of a serious illness can turn your life upside down. You inadvertently switch from being a “person” to being a “patient” whereby your strength, self-esteem and motivation are seriously impaired. We focus attention on the inside (feelings) and outside (performance) in a unique setting and safe context.

 >> Outward Bound helps patients regain their mental and physical strength by organizing trajectories and outings for cancer patients. 

We do not focus on the diagnosis and the disease any longer, but use all our senses to see who you are as a person and discover how you can be happy (again). Outward Bound gets down to work with the qualities of each participant and believes 200% in the healing power of interactive experience exercises. Are you easily tired? We respect your state of health and devise a programme to measure.

How can Outward Bound help?

  • Individual therapeutic talks

  • Bringing peers together  

  • Getting out literally and figuratively

  • Organizing outings for specific purposes

  • Exploring and strengthening self-insight and self-confidence

  • Make room for intense, draining emotions

  • Prepare to say goodbye  

>> Outward Bound wants to leave no one out, and is thus geared to patients and people who have come to the end of their treatment. We do not forget the family and the immediate vicinity either.

Outward Bound coaches, helps and encourages

As a nice extra, we search for financial resources and sponsors so that the participants do not have to bear the full cost of this process themselves. Furthermore, we also support other initiatives wholeheartedly for patients under treatment and in aftercare.


Would you like more information? 

 Do not hesitate to contact us >>


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