For juniors

Outward Bound helps Young Potentials grow  

Outward Bound is an inspiring sparring partner that helps junior managers to acquire the skills and competencies they need to grow in their job and in your company. We bolster their professionalism and reinforce their vigour, passion and drive through interactive training courses and result-oriented coaching sessions.  

>> Outward Bound wants not only to stimulate young, up-and-coming talent mentally, cognitively and emotionally, but also to challenge them deliberately to push back boundaries by focusing intently.

Outward Bound helps young Potentials get in touch with their emotional side

Experienced coaches hold up a mirror without pointing the finger: who am I, what are my strengths, what do I want to achieve and how do I want to proceed to that end? We focus fully (100%) on “experiencing” and “feeling” and can switch and give feedback rapidly during each intervention. Together, we seek enriching responses and clearer insights so that we can take big steps towards the personal development of your promising employees.

Outward Bound devises a programme in which we:

  • Create an authentic climate where participants learn from each other

  • Make people aware of their growth potential

  • Uncover intrinsic motivation of talents

  • Give insight into motivations, qualities, patterns, strengths, pitfalls  

  • Work out actions for managerial skills and competencies

  • Make room for experience, insights and growth

  • Enhance performance and ROI both individually and in teams

 >> Outward Bound does not devise ready-made programmes, but rolls out a course to measure for the participants and the objectives of the organization. Accordingly, we first come to listen so that we can ask our major “W” questions: Why do we do it? And What is it that I can do. When do I act, where do I create added value.

In practical terms:

The Outward Bound programme for Young Potentials consists of a judicious mix of individual learning experiences and group sessions such as workshops and interventions, in which we transition from theoretical models to working and managing in reality on the work floor. 

 For whom? Students, young employees from each sector who aspire to grow. 

Where? Outdoors, at one of our professionally equipped locations.

How long? One day, one week, one year… different formulas are possible.

Cost? We will be glad to provide a quotation for your organization without any obligation.

For juniors

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